Today was our last full day in Poland. Once again, I have fallen in love with the city of Krakow. I do not want to leave it.  However, I am content. I know that I have lived this trip to its fullest extent. I know that I will be back again.

There were two big things on the itinerary today. The first was meeting with the head of Krakow’s Jewish Community Center.   After focusing so much on Jewish life in the past, it was powerful and poignant to talk with them about Jewish life in Poland today and to see that it’s future is bright.

After this, we returned to the Oskar Schindler Factory to visit MOCAK (The Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow) I was initially turned off by the fact that the warehouse section of Schindler’s factory is now a modern art museum. However, I was feeling it!  Below are a few of my favorite pieces:

These two stops didn’t last long, so I spent the remains of the day just walking around Krakow, buying various things I’ll probably regret buying in a few days, trying out local food (KFC Polska), and attempting to find a book of Polish poetry without actually bothering to learn the word for poetry.  I didn’t find the book, but in those five or so hours I spent in Old town. I experienced the soul and spirit of the city.

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